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Welcome to L&E Wicks. We are honored to participate in your search for just the right candle! Here at L&E Wicks you will find hand poured all natural soy candles. Each candle is poured with the specific intention to provide illumination, serenity, and bliss. L&E Wicks offers a variety of stunning candle options to choose from. Candles are poured as a standalone pillar, atop cement foundation, or inside a variety of handmade cement vessels. We are excited to offer cement creations that can also be used for candle vessels, planters, and a variation of uses.

Our Mission

At L& E Wicks, our mission is to provide each customer with a spark of light in their lives that can be cherished. With so much uncertainty in today’s world we hope to provide any added happiness during moments with family, friends and with our own inner peace. L&E Wicks started as a hobby that grew into a passion. Creating candles and the overall experience with family has created hope, happiness and moments of nostalgic togetherness. Our goal is to provide these invaluable moments to you.

We believe in creating quality products that will provide you with a whole experience when you receive your products. It is important to us that you know how much we appreciate your support with our small business and know how valued you are!

– Deserae